Diego Cristófano Animation and CG Reel – 2018


blog: diegocristofano.tumblr.com



Everything done by Diego Cristófano (story, preprod, modeling, rigging, textures/shaders, physics, animation and postprod) except in cases indicated.

00:02 – Commercial. Diego Cristófano in charge of everything including sound design.

00:10 – Commercial. Direction, modeling adjustment, animation, rigging and shading/Diego Cristófano. Backgrounds and Storyboard/Federico Murro. Modelling by team of students Floka Flowers, Mateo Isolino, María del Pilar. Sound Design/Fabrizio Rossi and Diego Cristófano.

00:20 – Same as 00:02.

00:49 – School exercises. Models and rigs provided by Gobelins, l’Ecole de l’Image (except for birds, which were done by Diego Cristófano). Shading, animation and background by Diego Cristófano.

01:09 – Look Development and Character design/Federico Murro. Direction, Storyboard, rig, animation, Compositing and Sound Design/Diego Cristófano.

01:16 – Music Video. Look Development /Daniela Beracochea and Federico Murro. Direction, animation direction, animation/Diego Cristófano. Erik Berlín/Animation (not scenes in reel), direction assistance. Lucía Duclosson/Animation (not scenes in reel).

01:23 – TV opening. Character Design/Federico Murro and Diego Cristófano. Bakgrounds/Federico Murro. Rigs, animation, direction and Compositing/Diego Cristófano.

01:28 – Music Video. Script (with Dune Rats), Pre production, Direction, Animation, Composing/Diego Cristófano. Pre production assistance, Character designs, Background artist/Gonzalo Firpo. Dalai & Banana designs, Animation assistance/Eduardo Correa.  Composing assistance/Gustavo Wenzel.

01:30 – Same as 00:10.

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